Bosnia: Electricity Power Utility in BiH plans to invest 35MEUR in mines modernization

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Bosnian federation energy company, Public Company Elektroprivreda BiH (EP BiH) will invest 35MEUR 7 mines that are in the structure of holding EPBiH in 2013.

80MEUR is planned for modernization of mines within the business plan of Elektroprivreda BiH for period 2013-2015 that Assembly of the Society has adopted recently. Decisions for changes and additions from 2010 and decisions for investments in coal mines and black coal mines that are part of holding EPBiH were also made on this assembly.

“Planned assets for recapitalization process from 2010 and 2011 have not been realized yet due to long procedures of the Public Supply Law and other procedures. Remained assets will be directed in mining equipment and mechanization supply, dredger overhaul, preparation activities for realization of new investments etc.-it was stated in EP BiH as a plan of these decisions.

The most significant investments from 2010 that are waiting to be realized are supply of dampers with minimum 90 tons capacity for black coal mine “Kakanj”, then bulldozers, backhoes, pipe layers and dampers for black coal mine “Kreka” needs, supply of extensive frontal equipment for mines “Kakanj” and “Breza”, as well as supply of damper for the black coal mine “Djurdjevik”.

The most significant investments from 2011 that are waiting to be realized are: overhaul of two bucket wheel baggers, bulldozer and layer supply for mine “Kreka”, bagger supply for “Gracanica” and mining mechanization supply for “Kakanj”.

Among bigger projects related to equipment and modernization of seven mines of Koncern are: SHP complex for extensive frontal part in the mine “Breza” (total amount 10MEUR), supply of extensive frontal equipment for the mine “Kakanj” (9MEUR), mining mechanization- bulldozers, bagger, tracked excavator, layers and other for the mine “Kreka” (4MEUR), truck with 170 tons capacity for black coal mine “Djurdjevik” (2MEUR).

There are also projects for supply of mining, mechanical, electro and safety equipment for operation in “Haljinici” and “Kakanj” (1,6MEUR), supply of mining mechanization for “Vrtliste” and “Kakanj” (,16MEUR), opening of new hole capacity for coal production “Begici-Bistrani” in the mine “Kakanj” (1,3MEUR), modernization of system for coal processing and transport in black coal mine “Zenica” (0,8MEUR).

Equipment for project “Opening of the new excavation fields in hole, rehabilitation areas and capacities and production of new ventilation loop” material in black coal mine “Abid Lolic” (0,5MEUR), two articular dumpers for “Gracanica” (0,6mEUR)- it was said to Fena in Communication Service of PC EPBiH.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/Fena/EPBIH