Bosnia: Energy community issues a warning deadline for the adoption of a national action plan for renewable energy

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The Secretariat of the Regional Energy Community in Vienna sent the formal request to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Macedonia on Tuesday (February 24th, 2015th) to adopt and submit their national action plans for renewable energy (NREAP).

This is one of the key requirements of Directive 2009/28 / EC on the promotion of the energy use from renewable sources, which was adopted by the Regional Ministerial Council of the Energy Community in 2012th.

If these countries would not proceed with this request later than in two months and submitted a list of measures to ensure full compliance with its obligations, the Secretariat could submit these violation cases on decision to the Ministerial Council as an example of violation of the Law on the Energy Community by the Member States.

The Secretariat has previously submitted its opinion to the authorities in BiH as the second attempt to resolve the dispute in accordance with Article 90 of the Energy Community Treaty.

According to the adopted Directive, each member of the community must identify and respect the binding targets of energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020th.

National action plans for renewable energy must specify targets by major sectors of generation and energy consumption and contain detailed measures to achieve these goals and without them it will not be possible to achieve the overall goal.

On this occasion CPI Foundation, the Center for the Public Interest Advocacy, calls BiH authorities to timely solve this problem with great seriousness.

-Underdevelopment and non-use of renewable and sustainable energy sources cause greater exposure to global changes and risks in the coming decades, in times of great energy and geostrategic changes – it was released from CPI Foundation.