Bosnia: Energy regulator approves new electricity transmission tariffs and new market rules

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At the session of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission held on 21 May 2015 in Tuzla, following the public hearing, a Decision was adopted determining the annual revenue requirement of Elektroprijenos Bosne i Hercegovine (Com­pa­ny for Transmission of Electric Power of BIH) Banja Luka for 2015 and the tariff for electricity transmission services.

According to this Decision the average transmission charge is kept at the current level amounting to 0.889 fening/kWh, therefore, the transmission component in the electricity price remains unchanged. Part of the transmission charge referring to energy also remains unchanged amounting to 0.578 fening/kWh. As the current volumes of transferred energy and capacity in the BiH electricity transmission system are more favourable than in the preceding period, part of the transmission charge referring to capacity was reduced by 3.1% and as of 1 July 2015 it will amount to 1.472 KM/kW.

The SERC Decision will not have any impact on the electricity price paid by end-customers.

On the same day, SERC approved new Market Rules which were defined by the Independent System Operator in BiH in a transparent and public manner. Market Rules are conducive to developing the market principles in the power sector and functionality of the wholesale and retail electricity markets in Bosnia and Herzegovina. , transmits

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