Bosnia: Environment Impact Study for new Drina river HPP “Ustikolina” , public discussion and approval ahead

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The Federation Ministry of Environment and Tourism in cooperation with BiH Power Utility Company called the citizens, interested subjects and non-governmental organizations to participate in the public discussion of Environment Impact Study assessment in the process of construction permit issue for the construction of HPP “Ustikolina” on the Drina river.

On the public discussion, the representative of Federation Ministry of Environment and Tourism will present the legal basis for the construction permit issue, while the consultants and investors president will show the designing project and Environment Impact Study. This will be accompanied by question, discussions, answers and explanations.

Intentions of BiH Power Utility Company to construct hydroelectric power plant “Ustikolina” were followed by many reactions in the local area.

After assessment of positive and negative effects, namely of real project damage and utility, with respect of economy benefit and assigned fees indicators, than possible compensational measures to the local community which implementation of this projects use to provide , it can be concluded that the planned operations in the flow of the Drina river are environmentally acceptable and socially justified. The objective protection measures for the environment quality and material values within the construction works and exploitation of HPP “Ustikolina” are basis that this project be assessed as ecologically, environmentally and socially justified. Project is aligned with the sustainable development postulates and energy development concept on the basis of renewable energy sources use, so it can be assessed that has friendly environmental and developmental attributes – stated in the resume of the Environment Impact Study, which was done in in June of this year, and it was done by the consortium Energoinvest, IPSA Institut i Poyry.

By this study it is planned 25 hectares of land surface to be repurchased, and the negative impacts are possible and they will be consequence of increased dust concentration, reinforced traffic intensity, but also noise level of provisional character.

The locations, where the construction works will be done, are sufficiently far from the settlement, which means that the impacts on the populations will be restrained.

The designing project also includes the relocation of the highway M 20 Foca – Gorazde, on the left bank of the Drina river: Cvilin polje – Sadba, section: Podbornica – Spomen Cesma, section, connection from the highway for the HPP Ustikolina, connection from the highway to the dam.

HPP “Ustikolina”(the compartment profile) it is planned on the 14 km distance upstream of Gorazde and 16 km downstream of Foca. It is projected as low-pressure facility near dam with small accumulation, and from energetic state it would be run of river power plant.

The installed facility power is 60, 48 MW, and electricity production 236, 80 GWh per year.

Source; Serbia Energy see desk/EPBiH


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