Bosnia: ERS power plant Ugljevik drops electricity output in 1Q2016

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Power utility ERS managed coal fired power plant Ugljevik drops production of electricity in first months of 2016.

Thermal power plant and coalmine (RiTE) Ugljevik achieved production above planned in the first three months of 2016, announced from the company. TPP Ugljevik produced 175.2 GWh of electricity in March, which is 15.49 above the plan for this month.

The statement from the company said that with 484.82 GWh of electricity delivered to the power grid of the Republic or Srpska, TPP Ugljevik ex-ceeded the quarterly production plan by 1.75 %. Open pit coalmine Bogutovo Selo produced 148,880 tons of coal in March, thus exceeding the plan by 2 % and 600,000 cubic meters of over-burden or 5 % above the plan.

In the first three months of 2016, coalmine excavated 407,000 tons of coal and 1.6 million cubic meters of overburden and thus fulfilled the production plan for this period.

The company also stated that intensive preparations for regular annual overhaul of the plant are ongoing, during which general overhaul of turbine and generator is planned. Overhaul of TPP Ugljevik is planned for summer and, but its exact date and duration will be announced after consultations with power utility ERS, transmits