Bosnia: FBiH Government adopted the guaranteed purchase electricity prices from RES

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FBiH Government adopted today a decision on approval of the guaranteed redemption electricity prices from plants using renewable energy sources and efficient cogeneration.

The Energy Regulatory Commission in FBiH adopted the Regulations that prescribe a methodology for determining the guaranteed redemption electricity prices from the plant of qualified producers, as well as criteria for changing the established guaranteed redemption price. The objective of the enactment of this Regulation is a methodology drafting on determining the guaranteed redemption price of electricity from plants using OIEiEK, in accordance with the Law on Electricity in FBiH and the Law on use of renewable energy sources and efficiency cogeneration and provide guidance for simple and reasonable way of calculating the guaranteed redemption price based on the known parameters which are feasible in practice.

According to the adopted rates, guaranteed electricity price varies according to size and type of plant and the type of primary energy source, ranging from 0.14843 to 0.06326 EUR / kWh for hydropower plants, for wind farms from 0.18981 to 0.0755 EUR/ kWh, for solar power plants from 0.00926 to 0.20104 EUR/kWh. For biomass power plants it ranges from 0.15999 to 0.11609 EUR/ kWh, while the guaranteed price of electricity from the efficiency cogeneration plant is 0.07884 EUR/ kWh, transmitted Indicator.