Bosnia: FBiH Government urged to speed up the procedure for selection of partners on the construction of the Block 7 in TPP “Tuzla”

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Federation Government accepted the information on the choice of project partner for a joint venture in the project of Block 7 of 450 MW in TPP “Tuzla” of the Public Enterprise “Electric Power Industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

This company is responsible in accordance with applicable laws and regulations governing this area, the conclusions of the Government of the Federation and the conclusions of the Federation of BiH, to continue activities related to the selection of a project  joint venture partner in the project of Block 7 of 450 MW in TPP “Tuzla “, and to regularly inform the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry about all further activities and their progress.

The information states that it is necessary to speed up activities to prepare the third phase of the tender process “final and best offer”, which will provide all the necessary elements, both technical and financial, which will provide quality elaboration and adoption of a final decision on the selection of project partners . Criteria for model selection or partner will be clearly defined in the next stage of the tender process, but the general principles are the public from the very beginning.

The expert team of PC “Electric BiH”, together with the consulting team will make the necessary analyzes, explanations, projections and present a final proposal to the competent authorities and institutions. Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry is required to continue to monitor the activity on the choice of project partners for this joint venture and regularly continue to inform the Government of the Federation, which will inform the Parliament of the Federation of BiH on the activities carried out and the progress.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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