Bosnia; Federal gas company interested in partnering with South Stream also?

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BiH Federation is interested for connection to the pipeline “South Stream” that will go through north part of RS but it is not officially stated yet because of rejecting from their government to all projects that come from RS, Serbia and Russia.

Shy interest for the South Stream project is expressed in Sarajevo’s Company “BH gas” which Director Adnan Kreso spoke to the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining in RS, Zeljko Kovacevic and Director of future company from Banjaluka “Gas-Res” Slobodan Puhalac.

Kreso said for Nezavisne that many question and comments of so called experts and analysts have occur lately in order to dispute the need for spreading the gas network in BiH.

“As I have stressed several times very loudly, I support every developmental project which is economically justified. I was additionally encouraged in conversation with “Gas-Res” Director when he said that preparations for beginning of pipe realization are further developed and the gas supply of important cities in BiH, Bijeljina, Brcko, Doboj and refineries in Brod, Modrica and Banjaluka”, Kreso said.

He points that Sarajevo’s “Energoinvest” and “BH gas” have signed a memorandum for understanding with Russian “Gasprom Export” for the purpose of gas use from South Stream. Kreso underlines that readiness of BiH side to take gas over on its border without defining the taking over which means there is no defined place for it which means that there is no need for additional contracts for gas transport to BiH.

“Developmental projects of FBiH that will provide on another transport direction like pipeline Brod-Zenica which is not in collision with South Stream through RS”, Kreso estimates.

Officials and ex Direction of “BH gas” were against connection between RS and BiH in “Juzni tok Srbije”, they claimed that somebody is politically motivated, lobbing only for pipeline from Croatia connection. They even persuaded population that FBiH and South Stream won’t approach RS because they consider it in RS as unaffordable what was denied last year with signing the contract between Gasprom and Gas-Res, it is expected until the mid of this year.

Dusan Bogdanovic, energy expert, estimated that FBiH obstruct everything that comes from Russia from political reasons, although he is convinced that South Stream can only bring safety to supply with this rentable energy not only to RS, but to FBiH also.

“The sale of oil refinery Brod to Russian national company was disputed from FBiH without any rational reason and the same thing is now happening to South Stream. Having on mind experiences with Brod refinery, different story will be said after the “South Stream” is constructed”, Bogdanovic believes.

Source;Serbia Energy See desk/Nezavisne/Agencies