Bosnia: Gov approves permits for installed power of unit 1 TPP “Banovici” to 350 MW

, SEE Energy News

FBiH Government amended the Decision on preparation and construction of the Mine and Thermal power plant (RiTE) “Banovici” unit- 300 MW in order to comply it with earlier decisions taken regarding this project in the direction of improving the technical and technological characteristics of the unit.

The total installed capacity of 300 MW of unit1 TPP “Banovici” was defined by earlier decisions, but after the first stage of a strategic partner choice and a series of interviews was determined that there is no reference unit of 300 MW in the world, while insisting on the unit strength of 300 MW would resulted in the acquisition and construction of an experimental unit.

FBiH Government’s decision raised the upper limits of installed capacity to 350 MW, by which was given the opportunity to provide a solution to qualified companies for which there is evidence of a reference plant, announced FBiH Government.