Bosnia: Gov to boost private energy investments for new power gen facilities and electricity exports

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FBiH Government has decided to carry out the liberalization of the energy sector, said in a statement from the Department of Energy. Structure of this sector is a reminder of the socialist communist Yugoslavia and its liberalization move that the federal Minister of Energy , Mining and Industry Erdal Trhulj described as ” the most important economic reform in the past 50 years . ”

Speaking at a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart Taner Yildiz in Ankara , Trhulj said the federal government plans to eliminate barriers to the entry of private companies in the production and distribution of electricity .

The economy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is still much depends on the state-owned companies. The separation of energy production and distribution of electricity, which is in the hands of state-owned companies, started to be executed in 2006 year, and in 2009 opened the door partially for the entry of private companies.

The federal minister stated  that work on the legal regulation of this issue reached a critical momentum, but it will not mean the privatization of public enterprises , ” because they are very large and currently are very important for our economy . ”

Bosnia and Herzegovina has tried to stabilize energy prices putting private companies in the energy sector, which is still dominated by public companies. It was announced five new tenders for the construction of five hydroelectric power stations , said Minister Trhulj .

Private companies will build a plants that will produce 1,300 MW of electricity , and an additional 1,000 MW will produce plants that build a state-owned company .

– The Turkish experience in the energy sector for us is very valuable and we would like to share with us Turkey – said Erdal Trhulj and also welcomed the possible entry of Turkish energy company to market its validity country.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk