Bosnia: Hamon gets ESP filters 6MEUR reconstruction project in TPP Kakanj

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Thermal Power Plant “Kakanj” signed an agreement on the reconstruction of electrostatic filters of Block 7, 230 MW, the agreement was signed by Elvedin Grabovica, General Director of “Electric Power Industry of BiH”, Executive Director for Production Senad Sarajlic and representatives of the Consortium “Hamon” GmbH – Claus Brinkmann and Dario Skoro. The value of investment of EPBIH is 6.6 million euros.

During the reconstruction of the existing electrostatic filter it will be upgraded with bag filter. The combination of electrostatic and bag filters is so called hybrid filter that will increase efficiency and reduce dust emissions from the current average of 200 mg/Nm3 to 20 mg/Nm3, which is in line with EU standards.
Director of EPBIH Elvedin Grabovica spoke about the importance of the project to the local community and stressed the importance of investing not only in new capital projects, but in existing capacity as well.
“In the past three years in the revitalization and improvement of existing facilities, we have invested around 286 million euros. Thanks to continuous investment in power facilities, our power system is stable and under exceptional circumstances we had no major problems in the supply of customers. Some of buyers, from preventive reasons had to disconnect from the grid, so that a small percentage of customers were without electricity. I use this opportunity to thank the employees of the distribution companies and the entire EPBIH for full engagement in these circumstances,” general director in EPBIH said.
Speaking about the importance of the project for reconstruction of electrostatic filters for the local community, Grabovica emphasized social responsibility of EPBiH “where the goal is not only to make profit but also environmental protection and community development.”
“Reconstruction of electrostatic filters will be carried out in parallel with the capital repair of Block 7, which has been in operation since in 1988, “ Hasan Causevic, director of TE “Kakanj”said.
“The priority goals of reconstruction are to increase the efficiency of electrostatic filters, which will result in reduced emissions of dust and replacement of worn-out fan flue gases. The reconstruction will create the preconditions for the implementation of the desulfurization project,” director Causevic said.
About 70% of mentioned contract will be implemented in domestic companies which will work on reconstruction within the consortium, “Hamon” GmbH.

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