Bosnia: Hungarian MVM Ovit Energy Power Utility enters Bosnian energy sector, targeting TPP and biomass CHP projects

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Presentation of MVM Ovit ZRT, Hungarian Electric Power Utility was organized in Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH. The presentation’s goal was representing possibilities for construction of biomass heating plants and possibilities of financing this kind of projects from developmental Hungarian bank (Exim Bank).

MVM Ovit ZRT is public company and its main activity field includes design, construction, maintenance and establishment of plants, production of energy equipment, steel structures, plant managing, heavy transport and telecommunications.

The company has intention to expand its activities on BiH area where they already had several successful projects like reconstruction of Block 5 in TPP “Tuzla” and they participate in tender procedure for construction of new facilities in TPP “Tuzla” and “Kakanj”.

Presentation is organized for representatives of municipalities, directors, representatives of communal companies and directors and representatives of electrical power utilities in BiH.

Peter Gopcsa, Managing Director of Hungarian Electric Power Utility, said that this company has been present in BiH for 10 years.

Construction of biomass heating plants has been modern in Hungary for the last few years and we believe that this subject is interesting for BiH. We already have two signed letters of intentions with municipalities Bosanska Krupa and Bihac, and this letter with Bihac was signed this morning”, Gopcsa said.

The goal of today’s presentation is, like it was said, to represent financing the construction of biomass plants. He stressed that Hungarian developmental bank (Exim Bank) would follow the construction and it would finance 85% of project value.

The value of the plant which would for example heat 5.000 flats in Bosanska Krupa costs around 10 million EUR.

Ismet Kumalic, President of VTKBiH, said that Chamber uses its chance to meet achievements of neighbor countries in segment of renewable energy sources.

“We are working on cooperation with Hungarian companies i.e. Hungarian Chamber so we hosted their President two days ago, the company is here today and mixed committee will be here next week”, Kumalic said.

Representative of MVM Company for Yugoslavia, Mehmed Polimas, said that the biggest project of this company he wants to realize in BiH is TPP “Tuzla” i.e. construction of Block 7 and the value of investment is 900 million EUR which tells enough about company’s seriousness.