Bosnia: “HZHB Electric Power Industry” distributed income from 2013th – Most of the money goes to cover losses

, SEE Energy News

Shareholders of “Electric Power Industry of the Croatian Community of Herceg-Bosna” adopted decision on profit distribution for 2013th at the session on June 30th, according to which most of the profit is allocated to cover losses from previous years.

Profit of EP HZHB of 28.078.989 MEUR and profit from the revaluation reserve of 6.840.745 MEUR has been allocated to cover losses from previous years in the amount of 28.894.903 MEUR, for the legal reserve has been left the amount of 5.615.797 MEUR, and 400.000 MEUR has been allocated for donations.

Besides the decision on profit distribution, the Assembly adopted the annual report of the Company for 2013th, which includes financial statements and report s of the auditor, the Supervisory Board and the Audit Committee.