Bosnia: An illegal contract with the Chinese

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“The Elektroprivreda RS and the Chinese company” Dongfang “signed a preliminary agreement for the construction of the hydroelectric power plant “Buk Bijela”, and public information emerged that this agreement was signed by acting director Zeljkoljko Kovacevic, contrary to the decision of the Elektroprivreda Management Board which violated the law.

According to claims, Zeljko Kovacevic has signed an agreement that differs from that of the management of that company, and for which he has given consent under certain conditions, or rather that the contract is the starting point for further negotiations, he automatically became obliged to Elektroprivreda.

The SDS argues that Kovacevic did not comply with the procedure by which Elektroprivreda had to agree to the National Assembly and the Government of the Republika Srpska, thus giving a practically Chinese company “Dongfang” a pre-job.

The government did not agree on loan terms with the Chinese bank.

“Unfortunately, Kovacevic neglected this and signed a different contract where he committed himself to starting this project by January 31, that is, construction contract will be signed. There is a question as to what will be the negative attitudes of the budget and citizens of Serbs, “said SDS deputy to NSRS Davor Sesic.

Elektroprivreda claims that director Zeljko Kovacevic did not commit anything other than the decisions of the Management Board and that it was a continuation of the activities that the Government of Republika Srpska had started.

“The subsidized deal will be applied only if and when a credit agreement between the Replica of Srpska and the Chinese Credit Bureau is in place, and if and when the Republika Srpska National Assembly approves the same, it stands at point eight. Accordingly, this process has not been completed and all the options and offers of other companies that have expressed interest in this project are being discussed, “said in Eelktroprivreda.

However, the SDS argues that this is not the first time that Elektroprivreda entails illicit business moves, which is best confirmed by the increasingly difficult situation in the public company, the increased debts and the new million payments to pay the supplier.

Sadly, according to Sesic, all this is paid by citizens, not those who should bear the responsibility for numerous omissions.

“The consequences of the signing of this agreement are questioned without the consent of the National Assembly, without the consent of the Government and without a lending agreement. It is likely that the Chinese firm will demand some claims if this contract is not concluded. No one from the government will repay debts and loans, or their grips in work, but exclusively citizens of Republika Srpska, “said Sesic.

According to the calculations, the construction of HPB “Buk Bijela” on the basis of this contract should amount to about 198 million euros.

Source: BNTV