Bosnia: Is Bosnia out of TAP?

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None offical representative from BiH gov did not attended meeting of the presidents and prime ministers of the states who are partners in the project of the Southern Gas Corridor (TAP / IAP) in the capital of Azerbaijan Baku, it was released from the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

It is a meeting at which should be reached final agreement on the construction of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which is one of the most important energy projects in Europe and which EU support in order to reduce dependence on Russian gas and further development of the European gas market .

The reason for non-participation of BiH delegation, as stated in the MFA, is that the BiH Presidency did not authorize anyone to attend the meeting and sign the understanding memorandum between Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, which refers to cooperation in the implementation of the Southern Gas Corridor in South East Europe.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs was informed on Friday from third sources about a meeting in Baku. Also the MVP was informed from third source that none of the members of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency will attend the meeting, according to this state institution.

– Why the decision was not timely made, the answer should be sought in the Presidency – claims from BiH MFA.

They emphasize that the MVP, from his side, has taken all necessary actions to make our country included in the TAP / IAP project, which is interesting to us for several reasons.

Almir Becarevic, former director of the “BH -Gas”, which is a signatory to the Memorandum on BiH participation in TAP in 2011th, claims for “Avaz” that this decision of the Presidency is utterly incomprehensible.

– This is the final contract signing before the construction start. The fact that no one from BiH will attend the meeting is a great pity, because this is key agreement. Now, as things stand, the country will be treated only as a consumer, without the possibility that the pipeline goes through Bosnia. This should not have happened – said Becarevic.

The realization of the Southern Gas Corridor for BiH citizens also means the lower gas price. It is an investment project with a total value estimated at 610 MEUR.

We were told from the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency that only today can respond to our request regarding this issue.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline should carry gas from Azerbaijan findings to the Greek- Turkish border through Albania to southern Italy.

BiH interest in the project refers to a connecting pipeline IAP, which should transport gas from TAP to the Central Europe market from Greece through Albania, Montenegro, our state and Croatia.

Source: Serbia Energy See desk/BiH Gov/Avaz

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