Bosnia: Japanese Government is working on feasibility study of TPP Tuzla’s Block 7, Hitachi and Toshiba as potential bidders

8. May 2013. / SEE Energy News

Japanese Government decided to launch a process of preparation of feasibility study for project of Block 7 construction in TPP Tuzla and making a study was suggested by the Company “Hitachi Ltd.” It will be performed by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) in order to determine a possibility of financing the project in the frame of so called PSIF scheme (Private Sector Investment Finance Scheme).

JICA offers profitable financial arrangement and credit assets for private sector within PSIF scheme. JICA gives a support to Japanese private companies that do business in the developmental countries within providing loans and capitals according to PSIF scheme’s frame.

PSIF scheme is directed to achieving following goals: achieving millennium developmental goals (MDGs), poverty decrease, development of infrastructure and stimulating economical growth and easing effects of global warming.

It is planned that most modern technologies are prepared in order to make EU strict standards in environmental protection area accomplished- it was stated from Japanese Embassy in BiH.

Two Japanese companies (“Hitachi Ltd.” And consortium lead by “Toshiba Corporation”) are on the list of qualified candidates/applicants on tender which is in progress at the moment.

Japanese Ambassador Hideo Yamazaki said that environmental protection is one of the piles of Japanese developmental help (ODA) in BiH.

-I hope that improved technologies for environmental protection that can be offered by Japanese companies will contribute the development of BiH and future integration of this country to EU- Yamazaki concluded.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Japanese Embassy BiH

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