Bosnia mining: “ArcelorMittal Prijedor” restarts operarion in February after long forced holiday

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The employees at the “ArcelorMittal Prijedor” spent the entire January on hold and receive 55% of the average salary in the past quarter of last year.

The reason to put workers on hold is the state in the steel market which led to the reduction of production in Iron foundry “Željezara Zenica”. According to the current situation the steel plant planned the reception and processing of a million and a half tons of ore this year, which is for one third less than in the past years.

The return of the miners to their work and start up of production is planned at the beginning of February and it is planned to achieve normal production by the end of first quarter. After that the results of all taken measures will be considered and ways will be determined to overcome the crisis in the most painless way both for the company and its business partners, until the market is stabilized, transmits

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