Bosnia mining: Mineco Sase lead zinc mine 1H2016 production results

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The Lead and Zinc Mine Sase near Srebrenica operates successfully this year as well. It exceeded the production plan, which is evidenced by the data that in seven months this mine has excavated 194,630 tonnes of ore i.e. 3.8 percent more than planned.

The mine operates within the Gros company from Bosanska Gradiska, employs 532 workers and regularly fulfills all its obligations.

The concession fee during this period was paid in the amount of BAM 727,100 (EUR 371,701) and BAM 1,633,866 (EUR 835,249) was invested in procurement of equipment.

In this period, the mine paid more than BAM 20,000 (EUR 10,220) fees for water and fire protection, around BAM 23,000 (EUR 11,753) for woods and more than 20,000 BAM (EUR 10,220) to support the associations, organizations, and municipalities of Srebrenica and Bratunac.

President of the Board of Directors of the company, Jelena Petric, stated that average wage of employees in July amounted to BAM 937 (EUR 478).

She said that this year’s net pay for employees amounted to BAM 3,880,245 (EUR 1,982,887),  for taxes and contributions BAM 2,463,787 (EUR 1,259,047), for pension and disability insurance and reduced service years for retirement for miners amounted to BAM 326,251 (EUR 166,721) and BAM 15,297 (EUR 7,817) for special solidarity contribution.

This year, special contribution for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities was paid in the amount of BAM 6,480 (EUR 3,312) and for severance payments to employees BAM 11,000 (EUR 5,622).

The mine continued financing the re-qualification of 48 workers in total this year as well.

Since 2007, when the British company Mineco took over the Mine Sase, 96 workers retired and received severance pay in the total amount of BAM 183,752 (EUR 93,901).