Bosnia: MOL contracted Janafpipeline company for crude oil transport

, SEE Energy News

According to the contract on crude oil transport, which was signed this summer between MOL and Adriatic oil pipeline (JANAF), in port Omisalj arrived first delivery of crude oil for Hungary Oil Company. Contract between MOL and JANAF covers transport of about 240. 000 tons of crude oil in period from the 1st August to the 31st December 2013.

This collaboration fits well with thegoalsof MOL Grouprelatedwith downstreamas itprovides access tothe Mediterranean raw materials market. Delivery renovationensuresto MOLpossibility oftestingseveraltypesof crude oiland also allows more easilyadaptation of the market changes”, said FerencHorváth, executive vice presidentof MOL Group toDownstream.

Two companies also were cooperated earlier, regarding that the same currency was used in thepast years, and renewable collaboration on crude oil transport will be further continued. Crude oil will be supplied through JANAF system, then Adriaoil pipeline system to the Oil refinery Duna.

This is confirmation of JANAF position bonding on European powermarket, so this cooperation will also start some new business activities both with MOL Group, and other strategic partners. The present business decisions of Board put JANAF at the position of companywhich adjusts its business to the market demandsandits business partner’s needs.  With such kind of business,we believe, that in the next periodJANAFcanachieve evenbetter results, and that it,among other things, contributes to the developmentof the overall economy”, said JANAF Board president, DraganKovacevic.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Janaf