Bosnia: New 400Kv interconnection to boost electricity exports

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only country in the region that exports electricity and in the first five months of 2015th, the export value was 76, 5 MEUR.

The one of the most important projects for electricity trade is the transmission line that will connect Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, and will connect Bajina Basta, Visegrad and Pljevlja. Construction is expected to begin, according to estimates of Serbia, in 2017th, and according to estimates of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 2018th. For purposes of the transmission line construction it was founded the joint company by three countries in April in Belgrade, the Centre for the Coordination of Safety (CCS), and the work should begin in August.

Three connections

“Value of transmission line or BiH participation in the project is 9, 2 MEUR. BH will build on its territory two branches of transmission lines – one will go to Bajina Basta and the other via Visegrad to Pljevlja. In this way we get three new interconnections, Bajina Basta, Pljevlja and connections through Montenegro to Italy via underwater cable”, said Cvjetko Zepinic, Executive Director for the operation and maintenance of BiH Elektroprenos, which is responsible for the project in BiH.

According to him, the construction should begin in 2018th, but it is not necessary that in all three countries start it at the same time, to make the system work it is sufficient that two partners complete their work.

He added that so far completed feasibility studies and detailed design, and we are currently working to solve the property-legal relations.

118 kilometers

BiH is now associated with Serbia by transmission line of 220 kV (kilovolts), while the new transmission line will be two-ways, twice by 400 kV. Length of transmission lines in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is 118 kilometers, and the longest section will operate in Montenegro.

At the same time, the value of the transmission line on the territory of Serbia amounts to 48 MEUR, half of which Serbia is expected from the European Union.

A prerequisite for the project realization is to connect Kragujevac and Kraljevo by transmission line whose construction process should start this year and be finished in 2017th.

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