Bosnia: New 48MW wind park approved

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Kamen-dent company from Mostar got the approval to build the wind farm in Kupres.

Federal Government gave the initial approval to the Federal  ministry of energy, mining and industry in the procedure of issuing the energy permit to the company Kamen – dent from Mostar, for the construction of wind farm Kupres 1.

It is a wind farm with integrated capacity of 48MW (16×3 MW) and the approved connection capacity of 48MW (16×3 MW) and planned production of electricity of 139.5 GWh per year.  The wind farm is planned to be built in the location near the village Ravno-Kozjača in the area of Kupres municipality.

The Ministry will prepare the proposal and refer it to the Parliament of the Federation in order to obtain the approval for the issuance of this permit, transmits

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