Bosnia: New electricity prices from 2015

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All citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be able to choose from whom they will buy electricity from January 1. 2015. Because of competition in the market, this decision will probably lead to the changes of the electricityprice for all consumers, confirmed Risto Mandrapa, president of the Federal Regulatory Electricity Commission (FERK).

Bosnia and Herzegovina: From 2015, a new electricity priceMandrapa explained that it wasabout the application of EU law, which included the reform of the energy sector in the state.

– There will be price adjustment, because it is the open electricity market. But one thing I know for sure is that electricity prices will not be increased. Price per this directive must be lower, the electricity producers will fight for their customers because of the competition – says Mandrapa.

According to him, for Friday is scheduled meeting with representatives of the electric power industries and mines with union members in FBiH in order to see whether they are ready for these changes.

– We need to see how far has gone the law on the restructuring of the energy sector. In this case, the electric power industry will offer a price, but we will give the last word.The price must not ramp. The novelty is that a new market is opened, and we have takensmall consumers under our protection – says Mandrapa.

He explained that after this directive enters into force, the market will have to negotiate prices through tenders as well as in the EU, Slovenia and Croatia.

– Everything is open. If want, large consumers will be able to buy electricity power from Ukraine – said Mandrapa.

Mandrapa says he is aware that the regulations will not provide immediate results and that it all depends on how national companies will welcome these changes.

-There will not be immediately honey and milk, but I believe that we will go step by step. I’m sure that citizens, as soon as the electricity is one penny cheaper, willchoose the company which is the cheapest – said Mandrapa .