Bosnia: New gas pipeline construction toward Croatia filling hub

, SEE Energy News

The government of Bosnia’s Federation is looking to adopt a final solution for connecting a gas pipeline passing through Bosnia and Heregovina with one in Croatia near Slavonski Brod.

The news source reported that the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has expressed willingness to financially support the project, which the government in the Croat-Muslim entity considers of strategic importance for both Bosnian entities.

According to the news source, the Federation government said the project did not clash with existing plans for the development of gas transport systems in the two Bosnian entities.

Connecting the Sarajevo-Zenica-Slavonski Brod gas pipeline would ensure the diversification of natural gas supply in Bosnia, which currently gets fuel solely from Russia, according to the news source. In addition, it said that the new pipeline between Zenica and Slavonski Brod would connect Bosnia’s gas transport system with Croatia’s and then Hungary’s system.

Source;BiH gov/Serbia Energy See desk