Bosnia: Oil importer Energopetrol marks 2014 loss

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The company “Energopetrol” operated with the loss in 2014th after tax of 4, 84 MEUR, after it operated with a net loss of 6MEUR a year earlier, based on the company financial report published on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange .

Accumulated company loss rose to the amount of 43 MEUR.

“Energopetrol” achieved operating revenues of 86, 4 MEUR last year, which is slightly less than in the previous year when revenues amounted to 87, 2 MEUR.

Operating expenses in the amount of 89 MEUR were achieved compared to 93, 4 MEUR in 2013th.

Smaller operating expenses are the result of lower purchase cost of goods and lower costs of salaries and other allowances. Compared to the previous year, the company had less other incomes and gains – 2, 8 MEUR compared to 4, 4 MEUR last year.

“Energopetrol” employed 621 workers last year (based on the situation at the end of each month), which is 35 employees less than in 2013th.