Bosnia oil market: Who controls oil fuels in BiH and in which way?

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Quality control of oil fuels in BiH is done by federal inspectors on the base of Decision for liquid oil fuels in the way that Federal Ministries of Energy, Mining and Industry prescribe in the Rulebook for determining the quality of liquid fuels in two seasons- summer and winter season.

The Rulebook for summer season is in the period since 1 May until 30 August and the period of winter monitoring is since 1 September until 30 April. 1900 of samples are being checked for liquid oil fuels quality analysis in one season of prescribed Rulebook. 2800 of samples are being checked a year on the base of reports from accredited laboratories.

30% of total number of samples is taken in the customs, the rest of 70% of samples on the salary places. According to current report, realization of monitoring is close to 98%.

695 of gas stations are there in BiH Federation. Thirty criminal charges were taken in 2012 for suppliers of liquid oil fuels so the criminal procedures against them were launched in municipal courts. The criminal penalties for legal persons amount 20.000 KM and 5.000 KM for responsible persons, according to the decision.

Federal inspectors are doing the quality controls of fuel using mobile device spectrometer from September 2012. This control method is used as indicator that will show if fuels are harmonized according to the Decision for liquid oil fuels quality. Mentioned device gives report in an electronic form, inspectors call accredited laboratory in BiH to repeat the research.

If accredited laboratory confirms that this is about fuel which does not satisfy prescribed conditions, supervisory inspector will launch directing measures. Purchaser- legal person will be punished for repeated offense with money penalty in amount of 40.000 KM.

If the offense is repeated for three times, supervisory institution will take the work license away.

Source: Serbia Energy See desk/agencies