Bosnia: Power generation, electricity production in 2014

, SEE Energy News

According to the BiH Agency for Statistics the gross electricity production in Bosnia amounted to 17,451 gigawatt-hours last year.

From that, 7,236 GWh or 41.5 percent was produced in hydro power plants, 9,846 GWh or 56.5 percent in thermal power plants, and 369 gigawatt-hours in industry, or two percent.

Own consumption in power plants amounted to 998 GWh, and 377 gigawatt-hours in the rest of the energy sector.

In the final electricity consumption during last year, the households participated with 42.3 percent, industry 37.4 percent, and other consumers, including construction, transportation and agriculture with 20.3 percent.

A manufacturing industry of non-ferrous metals had the largest share of electricity consumption in 2013th in the industrial sector with 48.1 percent, and the iron and steel industry with 19.4 percent.

Total heat production in BiH amounted to 5,722 TJ in 2013th, of which 3,501 or 61.2 percent TJ was produced in heating plants, 1,463 TJ or 25.6 percent in the thermal power plants and 758 TJ or 13.2 percent in industry.

The largest share in the final consumption of heat energy in the last year had households with 77 percent and industries and other consumers with 23 percent.

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