Bosnia: Power utility company expects lower revenue from exports due to falling energy prices

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Despite the dry spell this winter, “Electric Power Industry  Bosnia and Herzegovina” is not expecting large oscillations in electricity production this year, stated Elvedin Grabovica, Director of  EPI BiH.

According to him, the hydrological situation is not the most favorable, but  also the favorable situation last year was not the key reason  of very good results in 2013.

We have had good results, because we  have  managed well  with energy resources that we had. Therefore, I expect to achieve planned production, this year but I’m not sure if  it would be  reflected on the revenue. The electricity price in the world markets has fallen, and this will be reflected on our revenue – says Grabovica.

As Director of the largest public company in BiH, emphasizes , the business plan will be achieved efficiently and effectively. Last year, BiH exports have increased mainly due to the export of electricity, but due to fluctuation on the market this year, the situation is likely to be different.

– To conclude, the state should oriented on other sectors in order to increase exports and reduce the trade deficit. Anyway, we can count on good results without large oscillations this year in  EPI BiH  – Grabovica added.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk