Bosnia: Power utility company explores Una River and its tributaries hydro potential, new HPP in the pipeline

9. April 2013. / SEE Energy News


Bihac municipality intends to launch investment projects with “Elektroprivreda BiH” and one of them is the use of Una River hydro potential- Bihac Chairman Emdzad Galijasevic said.

Studies are being done for this project, but EPBiH works on the other project already, which realization is expected until the end of the year.

Construction of the fifth aggregate for HPP “Una” in Kostele near Bihac that will be enabled to produce 6,1 megawatt-hours, therefore 9 million EUR was planned to be invested- it was published on Bihac municipality website.

EPBiH will invest part of assets from credit money from European Bank for Renewal and Development in amount of 35 million EUR into the project on Una River- Midheta Kurspahic, spokeswoman of EPBiH confirmed.

Reconstruction of some parts of the circulating plant which is in motion since 1954 will be done because of additional energy provision. Its capacity will be increased from 9 to 14,6 MW after this project.

Capacity extension will mean improved stability of electricity system in this canton and meaningful contribution to production capacities increase. Other projects in Una-Sana Canton, which has enormous water potential and inexhaustible resources, will be done in the following years in accordance with opportunities.

Source;Serbia Energy SEE Desk/EPBiH

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