Bosnia: Power utility company of Mostar entity achieved profit of 28meur in 2013

, SEE Energy News

The financial report of the company “Electric Power Industry HZHB” shows that the company has recorded net profit of 28 million euros in 2013, after a year when the company  has made loss of 22,5 million euros.

Last year was marked extremely good with a hydrological situation and the “Electric Power Industry HZHB” achieving the business income of 209 million euros in comparison to 192 million euros that was achieved the revenue in 2012.

Operating expenditures of the company amounted to 177 million euros in relation to 211 million euros a year before.

Profit from operations of the company amounted to 32 million euros last year.

“Electric Power Industry HZHB” in 2013 had 1,834 employees, 61 employees less than in the year before.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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