Bosnia: Power utility EPBiH 57MEUR for new HPP Vranduk, Strabag-Koncar JV contractors

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Power utility EPBiH kicks of the construction of new HPP Vranduk, the flow type hydro plant with total capacity of 19.63 MW and yearly production of electric power of 96.38 GW hours.

The contract to build HPP “Vranduk” was signed by “Elektroprivreda BiH” from Sarajevo and Joint Venture Strabag Austria/Končar engineering for energy and transport Croatia (Končar-KET) on Friday, January 8, 2016 in Sarajevo.

The contract worth 57.3 million euro was signed by Bajazit Jašarević acting director general of Elektroprivreda BiH Sarajevo, Besim Imamović acting director for capital investment and on behalf of the companies: for Strabag Dragan Pavelić and for Končar-KET Mišo Jurković.

Two companies forming the Joint Venture gave the best offer at the international call for bidding for the construction of HPP Vranduk. The contract covers the project documentation, production, delivery and installing the equipment, construction work, testing and start up of the units.

The start of preparatory work in the field is planned to start in the first months of 2016, and the construction of the plant is planned to start mid year, after designing and reviding the main projects and obtaining the construction permits.

The total deadline for the construction of HPP Vranduk is 46 months starting with the day the contract becomes efficient. Signing of this contract makes for an official beginning of the work on the construction of the first hydro power plant in the system of Elektroprivreda BiH since 1990.

Representatives of the Government of FBiH, ambassadors of the republic Croatia and Austria, delegation of Zenica – Doboj canton and the city of Zenica, representatives of the companies Strabag and Končar-KET as well as the members of the management of Elektroprivreda BiH and teams of experts from Elektroprivreda BiH were present at the signing of the contract.

HPP Vranduk is the flow type plant with total capacity of 19.63 MW and yearly production of electric power of 96.38 GW hours. The hydro power plant is important from the environmental aspect because the production of the so called green energy contributes to the reduction of the CO2 emission.

Vranduk is also important to the electricity system, since it will impact the stability of the system, the increase of production and reliability in supplying the consumers.

The construction will bring jobs to local workers, especially in the construction area, while in the period of exploitation new jobs will open, and concession, water and other fees will bring multimillion income to the local community and FBiH.

Having in mind the construction of HPP Vranduk, Elektroprivreda BiH invested 0.77 million euro in 34 infrastructure projects in the villages surrounding this production facility, they told us from the press service in EPBiH, transmits