Bosnia: Power utility EPBiH business & investment plan 2017

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Shareholder representatives adopted the business plan for the period 2015 -2017th on the thirty-fourth Assembly of “BiH Electric Power Industry”, held on February 26th, 2015th, in Sarajevo, it was announced from the company.

In the three-year period, “BiH Electric Power Industry” plans to invest about 1, 5 billion EUR in the production, distribution, supply and trade, capital facilities, mines and other joint projects from its own and external sources of funding.

Strategic objectives for the period 2015 – 2017th are building new replacement thermal and production capacities from renewable sources, completion of the mines recapitalization and their modernization, and restructuring of “BiH Electric Power Industry ” in accordance with the Law on Electricity, EU directives and plan of restructuring of the electric power sector in FBiH.

In the planning period, the priority is the construction of Unit 7 of TPP “Tuzla”, HPP “Vranduk” and “Janjici”, VPP “Podvelezje” and small hydro plant on the Neretvica.

Company Assembly adopted amendments to the decision on the recapitalization from 2010th and 2011th for the mines “Zenica”, “Krek”, “Kakanj”, “Djurdjevik”, “Breza”, “Abid Lolic” and “Gracanica”.

It was also adopted the decision on the recapitalization of RMU “Zenica” in the amount of 1 MEUR, with the aim of re-establishing the production process, the damage recovery after the accident in the pit Raspotocje and resolution of current liquidity.

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