Bosnia: Powerful growth of electricity export, increased income

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BiH has exported so far electricity in value of 102MEUR, just in four months this year what exceeded complete export in 2012 which amounted 75MEUR.

Extremely good hydrological conditions and the fact that overhauls in certain plants have been done in previous years, favors electricity production.

According to Statistics Agency in BiH, increase of electricity growth in first four months is 5 times stronger than in the same period last year when it amounted 20MEUR.

Good result was achieved in April when electricity export amounted around 30MEUR.

Energy company of Mostar Elektroprivreda HZHB which produces electricity especially from HPPs reported at the end of April that it had already accomplished its annual plan for 2013 which resulted with 32MEUR income.

Electricity import was almost a half size lower than in the first four months in 2012. It amounted 16MEUR with reference to 35MEUR in the same period last year.