Bosnia: Record production of EPBiH HPP Jablanica

18. June 2013. / SEE Energy News

Record production of electricity since 1955 when the plant was set into operation, was achieved in HPP “Jablanica” on Wednesday 5 June 2013- it was stated on official website of “Elektroprivreda BiH”.

Total amount of electricity produced in HPP “Jablanica” on 5th June 2013 amounted 3.891.849 KWH.

1.119 GWH, in total, have been produced in HPPs on Neretva “Jablanica”, “Grabovica” and Salakovac”, directed by PC “Elektroprivreda BiH”, in the first 5 months of 2013 and it is 52% more than it had been planned.

Achieving these production results with good hydrology situation was possible thanks to high level of operational readiness and availability of all facilities.


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