Bosnia: RS to produce 7,666.33 GWh of electricity in 2017

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According to the energy balance of the Republic of Srpska (RS), 7,666.33 GWh of electricity should be produced in 2017.

Coal production in 2017 should amount to 6,620,800 tons (4,801,500 tons of lignite and 1,819,300 tons of brown coal), while most of the produced coal should be used for electricity production. Energy balance also envisages processing of approximately 967,000 tons of crude oil at Bosanski Brod oil refinery, which should produce 946,000 tons of oil products in 2017.

Natural gas consumption in the RS should amount to 60 million cubic meters, while the production of firewood and biomass should amount to 980,479 cubic meters or 7.39 PJ.

Total gross production of heat for heating should amount to 1,761 TJ in 2017, while the total heat consumption should amount to 1,380 TJ, of which 75 % will be used by households.

Energy balance for 2017 envisages the total final energy consumption in the Republic of Srpska in 2017 will amount to some 50 PJ.