Bosnia: Small hydro investor from Slovenia losses environment permit

, SEE Energy News

The Sarajevo Cantonal Court has annulled the environmental permit issued by the Federal Ministry of Tourism and Environment and awarded to the Slovenian investor ―Turbo-Institut‖ for the construction of small hydropower plants (SHPP) on Ljuta river in Konjic municipality.

Legal battle of environmental activists against the construction of these SHPPs lasted over three years. According to them, the project envisaged the construction of 30 meters high dams, which does not constitute as small hydropower plant and would cause the flooding of the entire river canyon.

The issuance of environmental permit was accompanied by a series of irregularities. Soon after the receiving of concession rights, the Slovenian investor has completely changed the project. Instead of constructing several mini hydropower plants, the project now envisaged the construction of three larger hydropower plants. The environmental permit was issued five months past the legal deadline, without proper environmental impact study, without public hearing an without the consent of local population, transmits