Bosnia: Gazprom extends supply contract to Bosnia importer

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2016, the Bosnian media informed that out of 104.8 million dollars which Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) owes Gazprom for wartime gas supply, only 5.4 million dollars has been paid so far. Which means that BiH still owes 99.4 million dollars and at this rate the debt would be cleared in 20 years.

The obligation of paying additional five dollars tax on 1,000 cubic meters of natural gas was established by Gazprom in 2009 because BiH has not settled the debt to Russian Gazprom for gas supply between Energoinvest and BH-Gas have extended the agreement with the Russian company Gazprom Export on the supply of natural gas to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) by the end of this year.

The agreement on natural gas supply with Gazprom is regularly extended by annexes on annual basis, but due to BiH’s outstanding debt and wartime debt, in late 2015 Russian company agreed to a contract extension for six months under the same conditions as in the agreement for 2015.

In January 1991 and 1995. This debt repayment program was signed by both entities in BiH, with the obligation that the Parliaments of both entities should ratify it as well. However, the Parliament of the Republic of Srpska (RS) has not ratified the agreement yet. As of 15 October last year, consumers in RS no longer buy natural gas from company BH-Gas, which means that the remaining debt of 99.4 million dollars will be entirely paid by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, transmits

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