Bosnia: The fall in exports of electricity in 2014 by 34.6%

, SEE Energy News

Exports of electricity from Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014 recorded a decrease of 34.6% compared to the year 2013, says the data from the Agency for Statistics of BiH.

After a record year of 2013, when due to very favorable weather conditions the exports amounted 235MEUR, last yearBosnia and Herzegovina’s Electric Power Industries exported the electricity in the amount of 154MEUR.

At the same time imports of electricity amounted to 45MEUR, which is a decrease of 26% compared to 2013 when it amounted 60MEUR.

In 2012, electricity exports amounted to only 75MEUR and imports 70MEUR, while in 2011 the electricity was exported in the amount of 180MEUR, and imported in the amount of 55MEUR.

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