Bosnia: The first kWh of electricity produced by windmills at the end of 2016

, SEE Energy News

The installation of the first wind turbine for the electricity production within Wind farm Mesihovina will begin near the village of Gornji Brisnik in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the spring of next year.

If all goes as planned, the first kilowatt-hours of electricity produced from wind power will be in the system at the end of next year.

In the framework of the Wind farms Mesihovina, stretching from the village of Gornji Brisnik through Mirkdol to Bukvice, the plan is to set up a total of 22 wind turbines with individual power of 2.5 MW and total power of about 55 megawatts.

Windmills should be modeled on those in Croatia, height between 80 and 90 meters, with propeller range of about 101 meters. This is a new form of electricity generation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It can be expected 165 gigawatt-hours annually.

The total project cost is 78MEUR, of which 72 MEUR are loan funds, and six MEUR are own funds of the Public Enterprise Electric Power Industry HZHB.