Bosnia: TPP Stanari back online after overhaul

, SEE Energy News

Bosnian thermal power plant Stanari, owned and operated by EFT Group, has been reconnected to the electricity after the annual overhaul in which it invested about one million euros.

The statement from the plant said that the main activities during the downtime were performed at the boiler and turbo-generator thus ensuring the reliable plant operation in the future, improving and maintaining its efficiency and providing the conditions to proceed with the application of stateof-the-art technologies in regard to environmental protection. The overhaul starter on 8 April.

In April, EFT also said that besides this lengthy, annual overhaul, the plant will also undertake much shorter one in autumn, with expected downtime of 8-10 days. 300 MW coal-fired TPP Stanari produced a total of 2,035 GWh of electricity in 2017, while nearby coalmine produced 2.5 million tons of coal, both in line with the annual production plan. According to the plan for 2018, TPP Stanari should produce 2,025 GWh of electricity with coal production in the same amount as last year’s.