Bosnia: TPP Stanari tests the systems and prepare for grid synchronization in december

, SEE Energy News

Newly built power plant Stanari is conducting major tests of systems including the boiler testing in operational working mode. Starting from 2016, produced electricity will be sold to Swiss Alpiq.

Power trading company EFT investment project of new TPP Stanari is the only new build power generation facility constructed in West Balkans in the last 30 years.

EFT confirmed that major systems testing are underway and the project goes as planed, awaiting the grid synchronization in December 2015. Major contractor on this project is Chinese company Dongfang, the value of investment is estimated at 550MEUR. Investment includes the power plant construction and coal mine development.

Produced electricity will be sold to Swiss Alpiq and Croatian Crodux Energetika which has the partnership agreement for SEE with Alpiq.

Power plant Stanari has the installed power of 300MW with planed annual production of 2.000GWh and annual coal consumption of 2.3 mil tons, transmits