Bosnia: TPP Tuzla unit 5 out of work, endangering the power supply system or temp failure after 51MEUR overhaul, the report

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Block 5 in TPP “Tuzla” is not working. Is it malfunction or lack of of coal in depots, the “Electric Power Industry of BiH” did not want to answer. However, it is evident that the consequences are suspension of operations of this large block. Block 5 was reconstructed in 2008. Its reconstruction then was the largest post-war project in energy sector in our country – it costed 51MEUR. It was an investment for the smooth operation of the unit in the next 15 years. Is this a great failure or lack of coal in depots of the power plant, a concrete answer from “Eleketroprivrede” we could not get.

– The blocks are in the area of supply of production, and according to the plans, capacities and needs they are turned on or off – said Elvedin Grabovica, general director of “Electric Power Industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

It is evident that the shutdown of Block 5 will result in multimillion losses, because his strength is almost identical as Block 6, which produces 215 megawatts of electricity. In EPBIH they admit that they have problems with the lack of coal in depots supplied by mines Banovici, Kreka and Djurdjevik.

– This is a daily issue of EPBIH and mines – said Grabovica.

In these mines, which EPBIH paid several hundred thousand marks for undelivered coal in August, they have their own explanation.

– We must admit that in the first seven months we have delivered for EPBIH 172,000 tons less, and only upon their orders and requests. We are not able to make up for what they missed in the first seven months – said Munever Cergic, director RMU “Banovici”.

Sefik Sarajlic, Assistant Executive Director for Technical Affairs of the mine “Djurdjevik”, said that the technology was a problem – the lack of dumper tires, so that only two dumper trucks were available for the export of coal from the mine.

All this could jeopardize the work of the recently revitalized Block 6 and the actual production of electricity in TPP “Tuzla”. In EPBIH they are sure that this will not happen. But they are not sure when Block 5 will start and when its non-functioning will  stop making unplanned losses.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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