Bosnia: TSO grid company plans investment cycle 2016-2018

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TSO grid company Shareholders Assembly of “Elektroprenos BiH” approved the decision on investing in the company’s facilities in the amount exceeding 50MEUR.

All seven facilities are located on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina- tariff stations Pazarić and Pale in Sarajevo, business and technical headquarters of “Banja Luka Operational area” in Banjaluka, Kupres Tomislavgrad transmission line and tariff station Trebinje 1 in Mostar and tariff stations Jelah and Teslić in Tuzla.

The decision of the Management Board on the financial plan of “Elektroprenos BiH” for the period 2016 to 2018 was approved, and the Report on the work of the Board for company audit for 2015 was adopted.

Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska, Zeljka Cvijanovic stated that during the session, the general situation was analyzed but that investments were the main topic. She pointed out that it has been shown that this company fulfills its goals regarding employment and investments which is the main priority.

She also said that the three-year financial plan of “Elektroprenos BiH” amounts to 55MEUR out of which the 39% is related to the Republika Srpska i.e. 21MEUR is planned for investments in the area of Srpska entity.

She added that it should be stressed out that two entities are co-owners of this company and that is why it is important to understand the company significance and the importance of the entire system.

The Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH Fadil Novalić also stated that the company successfully passed the initial period of revitalization. He added that company performs all activities and that investments are main priority since the idea is to keep the company fully operational for the forthcoming market that functions according to EU Directives. Investments should also support economic growth.

Minister Novalic pointed out that the company has its own money for investments and added that there are mechanisms to control company operations and that it is insisted upon feasibility study prior to any future investment, transmits