Bosnia: TSO grid fee to influence electricity price increase

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The management of TSO company BiH “Elektroprenos” has sent the request to the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERK), which requires a determination of new tariffs for electricity transmission.

In the letter has been requested the tariff increase of 12.8 percent, and if DERK accepts their request, there could be a new slight increase in electricity prices, as the increase in network fee will affect the final amounts in the consumers’ accounts.

Mirsad Salkic, a member of DERK, confirmed this information. He said that a procedure in accordance with the request “Transco” has been already conducted in order to justify it.

– Before a final decision DERK will firstly check all well, to see why tariffs should be higher. This does not necessarily mean that the request of “Elektroprenos” will be accepted in general. However, that decision is positive, and I do not think it will, it will not have much impact on the final bill consumers because these are small amounts – says Salkic.

On the other hand, Matan Zaric, director of “Elektroprenos”, claims this is not about any request for an increase in tariffs, but they seek that DERK reallocate existing tariff resources and to perform balancing due to new costs.

– I believe that it cannot affect the increase in electricity prices, because we did not go in that direction- says Zaric.

Elvedin Grabovica, director of “BiH Electric Power Industry”, says that he is familiar with the “Elektroprenos” request, but that EPBIH has nothing to do with it.

– If DERK confirms the “Elektroprenos” request, the increase in electricity price is inevitable. We were against it, but we will see what DERK will say. Increasing network fee also dictates the electricity price. Unfortunately, the citizens will suffer the most- said Grabovica.

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