Bosnia: Turkish company “Cengiz” with investment of 700MEUR takes over the new Tuzla TPP power gen unit

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Turkish Company Cengiz is believed to be the owner of the new thermal block in Tuzla, value of the project of 700MEUR.

Turkish Company Cengiz Insaat, in the ownership of Turkish billionaire Mehmet Cengiz, succeeded to force upon as a crucial and almost unforgettable partner of BiH Federation Government in road construction and it seems that similar status should be insured in energy sector.

This company officially stated few days ago that it is interested for the construction of the new thermal block in Tuzla whose value is being estimated to 700MEUR approximately. The interest of Turkish Company for this capital energy project in BiH is legitimate but only if it is in the scope of set propositions, according to which investor won’t be the owner of newly built thermal block in Tuzla but it will take over certain amount of electricity for invested assets.

But Turkish Company is only interested to be the only one or at least the mayor owner of thermal block in Tuzla counting on that the privileged status in energy sector will be provided by the same SDP garniture which was earlier positioned as unavoidable partner in road construction.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/EPBiH