Bosnia: Two more SHPPs to be built in Kotor Varos municipality

, SEE Energy News

The local company DMS Elektrus has submitted to the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska (RS) request for environmental permit for the construction of small hydropower plant (SHPP) Duboka on the Duboki Potok watercourse in Kotor Varos municipality.

Director and owner of DMS Elektrus Sandra Pacavra said that the construction of SHPP Duboka is still in preparation stage and cannot disclose any details on the project at this moment. It is only known that installed capacity of the proposed hydropower plant will amount to 249 kW. She added that the contractor for the construction of SHPP has not been selected yet, and the selection will be done once the building permit is issued. The company is planning to build another small hydropower plant in Kotor Varos municipality – 249 kW HPP Vigosta on the Vigosta river.

There are two SHPPs already in operation in Kotor Varos municipality. 785 kW HPP Grabovacka Rijeka, which construction cost about 0.9 million euros, has been put into operation in 2013, and 2.2 MW HPP Divic on the river Vrbanja, operated by local company Eling-Inzenjering.