Bosnia, Unit 6 in power plant Kakanj overhaul and modernization project completed

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The 110MW unit 6 in Bosnian power plant Kakanj overhaul project in value of 94,4 mill KM is completed. The revitalized unit will allow Bosnian electric power company to increase the production of electricity for additional annual 600 mil kwh.

According to Bosnian federation prime minister the electric power company demonstrated the power and knowledge to lead the modernization of the country energy system.

This unit which was built 35 years ago required a modernization and complete overhaul. The project lasted for 11 months, engaged more than 3500 workers from 61 company leaded by companies from Germany, Czeck republik, Croatia and Slovakia.

Investment was completed from EP BiH company own investment funds. The overhaul included boiler facility, steam lines, turbines, generator units and electrical works. The operational life was increased for another 20 years and units efficiency and availability is increased as well as improved environmental protection, stated Elvedin Grabovica the director of EP BiH.

Units entrance to country energy system will also mean delivery of 500.000 tons of coal from mines in Breza, Kakanj and Zenica.

The bosnian state officials also stated that the mines will be supported with state financial aid which will allow that all mines are positively operational by 2014. It was also announced that the Bosnian federation energy company will invest several millions in construction of new power gen facilities in coming years with focus on renewable energy facilities but also the construction of new unit 8 on Power plant Kakanj.