Bosnia exclusive: Who are the new “Players” on the BiH electricity market?

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As of 1st January, the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can choose among 24 electricity suppliers possessing the buyer supply licenses of regulatory bodies. In addition to the three existing electric power industries, that will continue to dominate the market, some of the strong regional, but also European, companies appear as suppliers.

Among others, there is the Slovenian company GEN-I which ended the year 2014 with a turnover of around 680 million EUR. On the BiH market, GEN-I has been appearing in the previous years as the electricity buyer from domestic electric power industries. They perform business operations in BiH through their daughter company GEN-I llc Sarajevo.
The Slovenians are also present on the BiH market with their biggest electric power company “Holding Slovenian Electric Power Plants” (HSE), which encompasses hydropower plants and thermal power plants, so it is the biggest electricity trader on the Slovenian wholesale market. They perform business operations in BiH through their daughter company HSE BH llc Sarajevo.

The “Petrol BH Oil Company” also possesses the electricity supplier license, this company being known for its chain of petrol stations in BiH, but having been doing more and more trading on the electricity market lately and having ambitious goals within this sphere.

There is also the “Interenergo Group” from Ljubljana, which has a company in Sarajevo and has been present on the BiH market for a long time (the HPP “Novakovići” built on the river Ugar, the construction of the HPP “Medna” on the river Sana underway), and the Slovenian “Electric Power” also possesses the license, this company performing business operations through a company in Banja Luka.

In addition to them, some other companies also appear as suppliers on the market, these companies having been present as electricity traders and buyers in BiH in the previous years.
These are, among others, “Rudnap” which has a company in Banja Luka, as well as the “Energy Financing Team” (EFT), which, according to announcements, should finish the construction of the Thermal Power Plant “Stanari” this year, and so appear as a significant electricity producer in BiH.
The EFT, , is the biggest electricity trader in the region, and the annual sales revenue of this company exceeds 2 billion EUR. The EFT’s company in BiH is seated in Bileća.
Croatia is present on the BiH market through its biggest electric power industry company “Croatian Electric Power Industry” (HEP), and it will perform supply activities in BiH through the company “HEP-Trade” llc Mostar.
For several years already, the company “Proenergy” Zagreb has also been present in BiH, this company having a daughter company “Proenergy” llc Mostar with the electricity supply license.
Of the European players, there are three Swiss companies on the BiH market. The “Axpo Holding” performs business operations through the company “Axpo BH” Sarajevo. The “Axpo Holding” is owned by the canton Northeastern Switzerland and, together with partners, they supply electricity for around three million people.
Another Swiss supplier is the “Alpiq”, which was supposed to be a strategic partner of the “Electric Power Industry of BiH” in the construction of the Block 7 of the Thermal Power Plant “Tuzla”, and which owns a company in BiH called “Аlpiq Energy BH”.

The “Alpiq” has its own hydro and nuclear capacities in Switzerland amounting to 6.500 megawatts and it is one of the leading providers in this country, but it is also known as a significant international electricity trader focused on Europe.

Finally, the “Ezpada”, a company established in 2004 and already performing business operations in several European countries, is present on the BiH market through a company seated in Mostar.

Denmark is present in BiH through the “Danske Commodities”, an international energy trading and service company established in the town of Aarhus in 2004, and performing business operations on more than 30 markets. In BiH, they have a daughter company in Sarajevo called “Danske Commodities” Sarajevo.
The Czechs are present through the company “Repower”, otherwise present on the central and east European markets, and having a daughter company in BiH called “Repower Adria” Sarajevo.
The “Comsar Energy Trading” Banja Luka, a company known in the past as an investor in BiH, but some other entities, too, also appear as suppliers.

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