Bosnia/Republika Srpska: 45MW windpark Hrgud financing secured from German KfW

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The construction of the wind power plant “Hrgud” in Berkovici is even more certain, for which even three years ago the municipality has adopted a local development plan, and researches for setting up such an energy facility on a plateau in the village Hrgud were done many years ago.

The installed power plant capacity would be 48 megawatts, with an annual production of approximately 126 gigawatt-hours of electricity, about which the relevant Minister Petar Djokic and representative of “RS Electric Power Industry” have recently discussed in Trebinje.

Djokic confirmed that the concession for building a wind farm “Hrgud” would be assigned to “RS Electric Power Industry “, which will be the investor of this important energy facility. It will be financed by credit funds of 60 MEUR over the KfW bank, and it would provide 4.3 MEUR by own funds.

Nenad Abramović, Mayor of Berkovici, explains that land for wind power plant have been already determined, with area of five square kilometers, and it is located at more than 1,000 meters above sea level, where the winds are ideal for turbine and the next is the resolution of property and legal issues. He added that through this project also would be resolved the road infrastructure and water supply for the inhabitants of the village Hrgud, which will greatly improve the way of life in this part of Berkovici. On the other hand, it counts on significant financial resources that will flow into the budget on the basis of concession fees.

From the “Electric Power Industry of RS” it was announced that after the completion of the technical documentation the construction of a wind farm would last three years, where, due to the relatively high investment, the investment could be paid for 10 to 12 years.

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