Bosnia/Republika Srpska: Despite volatile hydrology enabled regional electricity exports

, SEE Energy News

“Electric Power Industry of Republika Srpska” (ERS) ended 2014 according to the plans, which was fulfilled in the last few days, because about 5,570 gigawatt-hours of electricity was produced in the power plants of the company, which is only 800 gigawatts less than the annual plan.

Elijah Tamindzija, Director of Department for Development in EP RS, says that by the end of the year is expected to meet the annual plan of 5668.78 GWh, with the overthrow of twenty gigawatts.

– The amount of 5,600 to 5,700 gigawatts is something that is realistically expected of us to produce per year with this installed capacity, provided that in the case of over planned hydrology, as it was last year, the results greater than these can be achieved – says Tamindzija, noting that production of up to 6364.19 GWh was achieved last year, which is about 700 gigawatts, or 12% less than this year.

Although this year’s hydrology was variable, the average at the annual level was still above the plan, two to three percent on the Trebisnjica basin, five percent on the Drina basin and high 15 percent on the Vrbas basin, so hydro power plants will produce about 2,550 gigawatts this year, which is about 70 gigawatts, or three percent more than planned.

At the same time the thermal power plants in Republika Srpska have three percent lower production than planned, or about 3,140 gigawatts, which, according Tamindzija, is satisfactory.

– Currently, hydrology is at the level of the plan and we expect to remain so in the future, while at the same time have been provided the sufficient coal quantities in the dumps for the continuous operation of power plants in the future period, so we have no reason to be dissatisfied – adds Tamindzija.

He further stated that such a successful production enabled “RS Electric Power Industry ” to meet domestic consumption with about two-thirds of the produced electricity, and third of sales in the market, where this year has been distributed about 1,900 gigawatt-hours to customers from “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”, “Electric Power Industry of Montenegro”, “EFT” Alpine Energy ” and another twenty, at a cost of eight pfennigs per kilowatt, while the price for Brcko District for 255 gigawatts, was slightly cheaper and it was 7.5 cents per kilowatt.

Tamindzija states that preparations for the plants overhaul are underway and that overhauls of thermal power plants and regular overhauls of HPPs systems on the Trebisnjica and HPP on the Drina and greater operation on the HPP on the Vrbas, where the reconstruction of oversight -management system of power plant will be done, have been planned for the first half of next year.