Bosnia/Republika Srpska: Floods distracted the electricity production in RS

, SEE Energy News

Despite unprecedented high rainfall the accumulations of most hydropower plants of “Electric Power Industry of Republika Srpska” (ERS) were well above average, the current balance of power production is four percent below the projected plan for disasters that have caused flooding in coal mines and thermal power plants in ERS system.

From ERS professional services confirm this and explain that the simplest answer to this production overview is that the production shortfall made ​​by the thermal power plant is settled now in hydro power plants.

From ERS specified that the coal exploitation in the mines that are part of ERS is surface, and that the huge rainfall was not favorable to the excavations on them.

“In addition, the mining machinery, particularly in RiTE Ugljevik, is engaged on to repair the consequences of floods, which also affected the production”, state in ERS.

They also said that during the generator repair in TPP Ugljevik was noticed serious damage, so the repair was extended, which had a significant impact on production in the TPP Ugljevik.

From ERS report that concluded with the end of last week in all systems ERS was produced 3,450 gigawatt-hours of electricity, which is four percent below the plan, but added they hoped that by the end of the year would be realized the anticipated production plan.

Rainfall, which were very large in some intervals and unevenly distributed, were followed by natural disasters, significantly contributed to the increase in production in Trebisnjica system, primarily due to the large accumulation of Bileca, which can hold more water, and it can be managed with, say in ERS.

“The planned production in ERS systems for this year is 5,622 gigawatt-hours of electricity, and this plan has been achieved at this moment by 96 percent”, specify from ERS.

However, they state that, considering the level of the Bileca accumulation, in terms of continuous operation of thermal power plants, expect to fulfill the production plan.

At the end from ERS also add the fact that in HPP Visegrad was recorded flow under the plan, so that this capacity captures smaller shortfall plan.

From hydropower plants on the Vrbas say that because of the huge rains that have fallen this year they have already exceeded last year’s level of production.

Zeljko Stipanovic, executive director of HPPs on the Vrbas, says that HPPs on the Vrbas will achieve a 15 percent higher increase in production compared to the plan according to the current estimates.

“This means that in comparison to 274 gigawatt-hours, as we planned in 2014th, we will produce 306 gigawatt-hours”, he says.

Stipanovic reminded that it is a quite certain that the huge inflow into the reservoir of HPP on the river Vrbas would affect one of the biggest production of this company ever.

From ERS reminded that “RS Electric Power Industry” last year recorded record production, the highest since the establishment of ERS, and that then produced 6,364 gigawatt-hours of electricity.

The electricity sale slightly lower than it was planned

As the production and consumption in 2014th have been approximately equal to the plan for this year, so the sale on the open market is at slightly lower level than planned, according to the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”.

They specify that, as expected, will realize sale of 1,624 gigawatt-hours by the end of the year in the open market.

“Balance surpluses have been sold on the open market, and they depend on the total electricity production in RS and consumption”, according to the “RS Electric Power Industry “.

From ERS added that the electricity consumption during the summer season was at the level of plan, or about two percent higher than last year during the same period.